Thursday, February 4, 2010

Complete physical fitness program should include:

~ Cardiovascular fitness such as cycling, jogging, lap swimming,
aerobic classes
~ Strength and endurance training with weights such as dumbbells,
cable pulley or bodyweight such as a pushup
~ Flexibility, such as yoga or streching
~ Athletic exercises to build power, agility, balance such as
kickboxing, rock-wall climbing or jumping drills
~ Body fat measurements to know the ratio of fat verses
lean tissue. Keep in mind sometimes a size 6 is carrying
too much excess body fat.

Friday, January 29, 2010


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Lisa's success!

I want to recognize one of my clients: Lisa. At first she had pain and severe tightness in her hip, low back, glute, and down her leg. Her foot would also hurt. She could not run; lunges and squats hurt her leg and hip. There were so many exercises she could not do. Before coming to me she had been to the doctors, had some rehab and not much improvement.
I know she was frustrated. I kept working with her and 3 months later what a turn around.
She is doing plyo squat jumps, sprints on the treadmill, barbell squats, all types of planks and core work. I wanted to say how proud i am of her for hanging in long enough to get pain relieve with physical activity. Her pain is gone.